Step by Step

1- Sign up

You can click on sign up for register with username and email simply .

2- Sign in

To log in, just enter your email and password.

3- create accounts

you can create an accounts in accounts menu and you can add account acording to your status . for this purpose you must receive your API key from your exchanger ( like bittrex ) and add to mrcoin . for any account you can put a name (Alias Name ) , So you can identify purchases .

If you are not interested in adding your API key, you can use this bot without it . Adding an API key only for automatic purchase is required .

4- Copy your account with a trader

In the Mrcoin, you can select a trader between Mrcoin’s traders, and assign him the task by linking your account to his .

5- Connect with your telegram account

 You can with clicking on the link : mrcoin_bot active the telegram robot , then you will recieve a code which you can enter in telegram filed in mrcoin profile

6- Upgrade your account to pro

In order to be able to use all the facilities of the site, you can upgrade your account according to your requirements.

7- Fill your info

You can fill your info in profile page


– Public profile : with mark this your profile is on in copy traders page


– Base market : you can choose your strategy in this section


8- Expert

For a successful purchase, you must create a role. for this purpose you must fill all of fileds in the pictures and you can add a coin or coins to this role .

“Keep in mind that if your account is free, you can only role out of the 5 specific coins that is located above.”

For other coins, you must upgrade your account.


Just Notification

You can only receive notifications without auto-purchase. This feature is enabled for all users . To use this option, you can use the Just Notification option when creating a role instead of selecting an account.


For create roles you must verify your email in profile .

9- Purchases

You can see all your purchases on this page and improve your strategy by checking your purchases.