Copy traders was created out of necessity for our own group of investors to trade and manage a portfolio of crypto currencies. Since we all have varying account sizes, time commitment and trading experience, we originally wanted to have just one trading account to buy and sell crypto coins.

As you can imagine not everybody was comfortable with their money sitting in someone else’s account. So we decided to put our heads together and come up with a ‘trade copier’ service that just works. There is no additional software to load for either you – the trader, or your investors/followers.

You are free to set your own price for your services and we take care of billing and customer service issues. Our goal is to connect our investors with quality traders and handle everything that doesn’t have to do with trading so you can focus on your craft while multiplying your income and following.

Professional traders

  •  In the Mrcoin, you can select a trader between Mrcoin’s professional traders, and assign him the task by linking your account to his .
  • Mrcoin  workes as a copied system, it means any trade that Trader makes for ownself also will be  copied for you.




  • Trader have access to your account for buying and selling and its the only access they are not able to withdraw your money  , in this regard, Mrcoin guarantees the full security of your account.

Different exchanger

  • You can open an account in your choosen exchanger and then search a trader based on your requirement in Mrcoin copy traders

Make money

  • If you are a professional trader , then open an account  , copy it and Let the others connect to your account .it means they hire you as a trader and you get wage .
  • With this Mrcoin system, you can simultaneously trade for hundreds person .
    here you are you make money by what you do for your own . 

Fast Order Execution

We connect directly to the exchange’s API which insures fast and reliable trade executions.


Maintain Control Of Your Funds

We never ask you to send us any bitcoin or fiat currency. All transactions are done on the exchanges. You are in control of your account.

24/7 Customer Support

Being there for you at every step of the way is our number one priority. We are always here via email and live chat.


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