Trading method “Effect of Zanyar” on financial markets (Crypto Currency)

Introduction :

In financial markets, changes are much faster than what you think happens Also, it is always necessary to examine various parameters for starting each trade , Very often, this number of parameters can not be quickly checked to enter the trade . Using the existing parameters can help solve this problem.

This trading method allows any trader be ready for a deal at the appropriate spot.  Given that the entry point is the most important part of the start of each trade , Selecting an inappropriate entry point can quickly fall the trader in loss.

In the financial markets, Crypto Curnecy, the marketplace is generally based on the excitement and volume of transactions . Entering the excitement in any market can raise and move the price very much . Keep in mind that the appropriate entry point is very important in this market. Because the speed of fluctuations is much higher than any market and Sometime in one day the price can be moved from 0 to 1000% and even more.


General approach :

This trading method is based on the recognition of excitement and entering transactions at the appropriate spot, and then exit the transaction and stay in the base currency (bitcoin).

As explained above, the two excitement and volume inputs to a coin can be a huge upswing that you can see on a daily basis in different coins on the market. In order to detect this, the following methods are used in this method of trading.

  • To determine the volume, you can use vol values that exchangers display. , put in order as vol24. This represents the volume of trading a currency in the last 24 hours.




  • To measure the excitement, you can use the RSI Indicator ; The indicator is designed to measure excitement at different intervals. The meaning of excitement is Volume’s changes in market. When the buying excitement over the sale means that buyers are dominating the sellers, which means the start of the price increase and the entry point is appropriate.


Rsi :

In the above image, you can see the passage of the rsi line from a range of  62 to above which, if you use this criterion, you could easily and at a very low price.


  • The next issue is the climbs that occur during the fall of a coin and that they are known as corrective waves. Of course, it may be back when the rsi reaches the top 60, and there is no big climb. Like the picture below:

To avoid transactions that are only a cross-sectional ascent (correctional

waves in descending ), we use the MA indicator. In this way, as long as the price is not above the average, this method does not enter into a trading.

*Often times the only uptrend of his moving average line is the reason for coin’s bidding, but the purpose of this trading method is to take climbing in the least time possible, when coin intends to climb.


  • Another issue is the existence of multiple resistance to climb and This is a very important issue as it may quickly have a climb with a collision with a resilient level called Polback. For this, we use the ichimoku cloud indicator. This indicator works very strong in identifying resistance levels. For this purpose, we must look at the formulas for the ichimoku cloud once.

In order to avoid collisions with strong resistance levels, these conditions can be used in addition to the previous ones.

  • ks,ts<p(now)
  • ssa,ssb (30-period past)   <p(now)
  • ssa,ssb(now )<p(now)


In other words, in the current moment, the price must be above the kumo cloud and the lines ks and ts . Also, Chikou Span (which is a sign of the current price in the previous 30 periods) is at the same time higher than the kumo cloud.


Details of the computational method of the Zanyar effect:


  • The trading volume of the currency exceed 20% over the past 24 hours, and this is used as a bonus to increase climbing power.


  • The coin review interval is for time frames higher than 2 hours. and how much the time frame is higher, outcome will be more accurate and more efficient.(the author consider 4-hours time frame)


  • For rsi, 14 courses are considered


  • For MA, how much you consider the bigger interval, procedure works more precise. İn this way less trading chances, but more secure.(for 20 rounds have the best results, but for coins that do not have this range, is possible that use the smaller intervals )
  • İntended Rsi to enter into a transaction in the Zanyar effect should be over 62 and less than 65

*By increasing the length of the rsi period to higher intervals, instantaneous oscillations can be avoided. For example, changing rsi rises to 28 periods of rsi fluctuations, and should be entered in a number less than 62, for example 58


  • The ichimoko Cloud Settings for Cryptocurrency is as follows

  • For Stop Loss, in transactions that do not make enough climb, the safest exit time with a reasonable loss is when the last candle closes below the moving average. Keep in mind that each deal always requires an interval to recover.



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