Copy traders


  • In the Mrcoin, you can select a trader between Mrcoin's professional traders, and assign him the task by linking your account to his .
  • Mrcoin  workes as a copied system, it means any trade that Trader makes for ownself also will be  copied for you.






  • You can use  Mrcoin Expert to simultaneously check all available currencies on the market and even buy and sell on an automatic basis.
  • auto trading with all of optional conditions , with a quantity that you Specified for any coin alone . It also has a "Just Notification" mode without API key reqiured .



Buy and sell manualy


  • You can simultaneously check all your orders in different exchanges and trading in Mrcoin .
  • With this system, you can buy and sell for yourself and others .



What is Mrcoin?

A safe platform for :

If you're a investor:

find the best trader for raising your money.

If you're a trader:

The best place for using and Making money from your knowledge.

And if you're a person, using Mrcoin expert for accelerate in finding the best coin for buying based on your requirement between more than thousand coin.



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